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Test run

test run

Define Apex Classes. Manage Apex Classes. Step Ruj : Tet Run 1, Bargain supermarket promotions to open the Execution page. Note Test case Discounted dairy products from the test run will still be available in the test repository. Test run can be associated with particular attributes, such as milestones and environments, and testing configurations e. Therefore, avoid using these fields to add "relevant" information to the test specification.


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Test run -

View definitions for test run test run. noun as in dry run Compare Synonyms. Strongest matches dress rehearsal tryout. Weak matches bench test combat rehearsal dummy run kriegspiel maneuver maneuvers practical test practice exercise practice run rehearsal road test run through test performance trial trial run war game.

noun as in trial Compare Synonyms. Strongest matches effort examination experiment investigation probation struggle testing.

Strong matches analysis assay attempt audition check crack endeavor essay experience experimentation fling go hassle lick proof shakedown shot showcase stab striving try tryout undertaking venture whack workout.

Weak matches dry run R and D research and development trial and error trial run. Discover More Related Words Words related to test-run are not direct synonyms, but are associated with the word test-run. dry run noun as in practice session. trial noun as in test. Discover More Example Sentences I got my hands on an exclusive early test run of the Amiigo, a health gadget that automatically tracks gym exercises.

From The Daily Beast. Once signed, accidents and delays might be explained; for the test run there must be no delays. From Project Gutenberg. There was a deal of wrangling, then a test run was agreed on by all the roads concerned. A quick test-run showed that the antibody was also being regenerated.

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View usage over: Since Exist Test run 10 years Ruun 50 years Last years Last years. English Dictionary. Word Lists. Grammar English Easy Learning Grammar. English Grammar in Spanish. test run

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