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Budget-Friendly BBQ Accessories

Budget-Friendly BBQ Accessories

He Accessoreis previously covered product reviews, startup news, and Budget-friendly food packages Producer sample packs wrestling. With a grilling basket, you Budhet-Friendly easily Budget-Frjendly quickly grill your veggies and give them that smoky, slightly charred taste and perfect texture without the hassle of having to pick one piece up at a time. We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. Meater bamboo cutting board.

Budget-Friendly BBQ Accessories -

They clean the tops of three grates at once, and slip between them easily to get the sides as well. The arms flex a little bit so they can fit into different size grill grates, but we didn't notice them permanently bending at all, making this a long-lasting tool.

The inch-long handle keeps your hands away from the heat and lets you dip the brush in water, which can help remove really tough gunk from a hot grill. It's also made of weather-resistant plastic that won't break down with exposure to sun and rain like wood can.

Dimensions: 18 x 4 x 10 inches Materials: Stainless steel, plastic Dishwasher Safe: No. Just like your favorite kitchen turner, this has a sturdy platform that can get under food and lift it.

This is perfect for burgers, steaks, chicken, and more. Cleaning is easy by hand, and this is even dishwasher safe. Length: 16 inches Material: Stainless steel Dishwasher Safe: Yes. Trying to flip food, read a thermometer, or put cheese on the burgers in dim light can be a challenge, and holding a flashlight while doing those things is tricky.

This light solves the problem, since it attaches to a grill handle and can be positioned to shine light on the food.

The silicone band has quite a bit of stretch, and there are two tabs where it can attach to the body of the light for a tighter or looser fit.

It was way too snug for one of our grills, but fit the others well. The silicone cover keeps the light safe from heat and water.

It can be easily wiped clean if it gets splashed with food. Batteries are included. Dimensions: 3. The Meater Plus is pricey, but it absolutely blew away the competition when we tested wireless thermometers.

You can tell the Meater what you're cooking and it'll measure internal and ambient temperatures, automatically figure out the correct temperature needed for doneness, and even calculate how long it should take the food to cook. The wireless range is up to feet, so you can enjoy the party inside while your meal stays monitored from across the yard.

The Meater probe works at up to degrees, which means you can use it in most oven and stove situations in addition to the grill, and the brand even says it's fully dishwasher-safe.

We prefer to hand-wash it anyway, just because the probe is small enough to fall out of the dishwasher rack and get lost. The charging case which can fully charge the probe times with a single AAA battery is magnetic and will stick to the side of your grill or oven as well, a small but well-thought-out feature.

Maximum Internal Temperature: degrees Maximum Ambient Temperature: degrees Bluetooth Range: feet Dishwasher Safe: Yes.

They can also come in handy for grabbing the crust of a pizza to help it slide onto a peel. These are long enough to keep hands away from the heat of the grill, and they have an easy locking mechanism so they can be locked closed to hang on a hook by the grill.

A bottle opener on the side makes it easy to open a bottle of soda to stay hydrated while grilling. Length: 17 inches Material: Stainless steel Dishwasher Safe: Yes. Kids who like to help in the kitchen will be able to safely create their own kebabs, without worrying about the sharp point on the skewer.

When the food is done, just open the lid, flip the basket over, and drop the food onto a plate or into a serving bowl. The coating means that food is less likely to stick, and washing by hand is easy. It makes the lid a bit wobbly and can fall off if the kebab basket is dropped.

Length: When you're grilling vegetables or other small items like shrimp or scallops, you're liable to lose ingredients between the grates. This pan solves that problem, while still allowing for the high-temperature charring and smoky flavors you can only get from a grill.

Besides small items, this pan is also good for delicate things like fish fillets that are liable to get stuck on wider-set grates. Even when the pan is full, the wide handles help ensure a secure grip so you can transfer the cooked food to your serving platter without it slipping from your hands.

Keep in mind that it's fairly wide, designed to fit inch or larger grills. Dimensions: When it comes to grilling skewers, sometimes the simplest designs are the best.

These Oxo skewers take simplicity to its best level. The point is seriously pointy, making it easy to pierce meat or vegetables, from beef cubes to mushrooms.

Plus, the skewer itself is flat, so food is less likely to spin when turning the food on the grill. They even fit well in a countertop oven when weather interrupted an outdoor cook.

When it was time to remove the food from the skewers, it slid off easily. Cleaning was easy, too, either by hand or in the dishwasher. Meat claws are a great way to turn a whole pork butt smoked on the grill into pulled pork. The six sharp points on the Bear Paws claws are much more efficient than a pair of forks at pulling apart tender meats from the grill, oven, or slow cooker.

The nylon claws are heatproof up to degrees and completely dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Besides shredding meat, these claws are also great for grabbing and lifting large cuts off the grill, or holding things like roasts or a whole turkey in place while carving.

You could also use them to stabilize a large watermelon for slicing, or even toss a salad. Material: Nylon Dishwasher-Safe: Yes.

Heatproof gloves aren't hard to find, but many are mitten-style, offering little dexterity if you're trying to grasp a greasy pork butt or move hot dogs or chicken pieces around to make room on the grill.

Rapicca's BBQ Oven gloves are the complete opposite, with five individual fingers and a grippy-textured, waterproof, food-safe neoprene material. These are serious professional equipment, designed for pitmasters reaching into their mammoth smokers.

They're also over-the-top when it comes to heat protection, with a inch length that reaches to the elbows, and the durability to withstand temperatures over degrees, well above even the hottest of grills. They'd also be an excellent choice if you plan to deep-fry a turkey at Thanksgiving.

Length: 14 inches Material: Neoprene Maximum Temperature: degrees. This unique pan is essentially a stovetop skillet, perforated with holes so the grill's smoke and flames can still reach the ingredients inside.

It lets you cook almost anything you'd cook in a frying pan on the grill, from stir-fries to French fries to tofu. Made of hefty carbon steel that conducts heat quickly, the skillet comes pre-seasoned and ready for nonstick use.

The seasoning is durable enough to hold up to metal utensils, and the pan is heat-safe up to a searing degrees. It also comes with a removable heatproof silicone handle cover to help with taking the hot pan off the grill. Dimensions: 21 x There are lots of reasons to love grilling over charcoal, but getting the charcoal lit is not one of them.

This simple device makes starting a charcoal grill much less of a chore. You simply load up the upper section with charcoal, stuff the bottom with crumpled newspaper or use lighter cubes , and set afire.

In less than 15 minutes, you'll have red-hot coals ready for cooking—no lighter fluid necessary. Weber does also sell a compact chimney starter that's just 8 inches tall, useable with smaller and portable grills like the brand's Smokey Joe or full-size ones.

Material: Aluminized steel Dimensions: 8. Even if you never cook fish on a grill, a fish spatula is very handy both on the grill and in the house.

This fish spatula is a bit flexible and has a curved front edge, so it can bend slightly to get under delicate fish without breaking it. This one is sturdy enough that we were able to move several loaded skewers with it.

The Meater Board is great for anyone who barbecues. Size: Then just load it up for another batch. I found that it was perfect for English muffins, toasting them for breakfast. This basket is supposed to be hand washed, but I threw it in the dishwasher with no immediate ill effects, but continued dishwashing may eventually cause damage to the finish or the handle.

Dimensions: 22 x 9 x 1. You don't necessarily need both a grill pan and basket, but the options from Weber make it hard to choose just one. The basket has deep sides that make it perfect for piling up vegetables or for quick-stirring diced meat, like you would in a wok. This basket is taller but a little smaller than the grill pan; it'll fit on an inch or larger grill.

That's still big enough to fit long items like asparagus, however. In all, you can fit four or five generous servings of veggies inside.

But don't forget to clean up when you're done! The Kona ° Clean Grill Brush is indispensable, making easy work of wiping down grill grates and starting fresh. No matter what kind of grilling tool you're shopping for, the material is important. Stainless steel is durable and resistant to rust, a great choice for a tool that's going to live outside with the grill, while wood can crack and split if left out in the rain and sun.

The high heat of the grill is also an important consideration: Many materials—even those made to stand up to oven temperatures—can melt if exposed to a hot grill. Make sure to check the maximum temperature range, as a grill set to high can reach above degrees.

The big divide in grilling is between gas and charcoal. Some tools and accessories are made to work with one or the other, while things like tongs and spatulas are of course compatible with both.

Another important consideration is grill size and shape: You can't use a big round skillet on a small rectangular grill. Check the dimensions on your grill before you buy anything large you plan to use on it. There are only a few tools that are absolutely essential for grilling.

However, you may also want to pick up a few specialty items, such as a vegetable basket or rib rack, depending on what you typically cook. If you want your BBQ tools to last for many grilling seasons to come, it's important to store them properly, even if they're going to stay outdoors with the grill.

Before putting your tools away, clean off any grease and food residue and allow them to dry completely. From here, you should store them in a dry place, such as a drawer in your kitchen, in a storage bag in your garage, or underneath your grill cover. Many people leave their tools hanging outside near the grill, but metal tools can rust when left exposed to rain or other moisture, and wooden components may start to rot.

If your tools got left outside for an extended period and started to rust, there are a few ways you can restore them to pristine condition.

Try creating a paste from vinegar and baking soda, then spreading it on the rusted area of your tool. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes or so, then rinse with warm water. For tougher rust spots, you can use a cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend , which is safe to use on stainless steel, porcelain, aluminum, and more.

Lindsay Boyers is a certified holistic nutritionist with extensive nutrition knowledge and cooking experience. This article was updated by The Spruce Eats commerce writer Jason Horn , whose parents let him work the grill at family parties at what was probably too young an age to be safe.

But he came out okay. Donna Currie is a cookbook author and product tester for The Spruce Eats. She put a number of these tools to the test, to see if they're worth a spot on your patio.

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Measure content performance. Understand audiences through statistics or combinations of data from different sources.

Develop and improve services. Use limited data to select content. List of Partners vendors. Get the Most out of Your Grill with These Must-Have BBQ Tools Here's everything you need to make cooking over fire easier and more delicious.

By Jason Horn. Jason Horn. Learn more. With spring well underway and summer right around the corner, it is prime time for outdoor cooking. The list could get pretty extensive, but it includes things like aprons, tongs, thermometers, heat-resistant gloves, kitchen knives — you get the idea.

And while you could spend a not-so-small fortune on very expensive, high-end versions of all of these, you can also get quality alternatives on a pretty small budget. READ ABOUT THE BEST BUDGET KITCHEN TOOLS. It boasts a high-carbon German steel blade, an ergonomic non-slip handle and the ideal length for an all-purpose chef knife: eight inches.

For a two-stage knife sharpener, this is a tough one to beat. READ OUR TRAEGER FLAT TOP GRILL REVIEW. This thermometer, which comes in a two-pack, made our list of the best ones you can buy, taking the top budget-friendly spot. READ ABOUT THE BEST PELLET SMOKER GRILLS.

This fire starter is arguably the best tool to get your charcoal grill or pellet smoker up and running the right way. READ ABOUT THE BEST SURVIVAL FIRE STARTERS.

A plastic cutting board might sound like a good idea until you accidentally melt one onto your food. It also happens to be our top pick for the best overall cutting board you can buy, even though it is relatively affordable — so let that inform your decision. READ ABOUT THE BEST CUTTING BOARDS.

A carving fork is great for holding down your still-steaming fresh-off-the-grill meats while you carve the juiciest pieces. And this one is made specifically to handle high temperatures. It also looks great, is built from sturdy materials and, most importantly, is very affordable.

Alongside the spatula and tongs combo pack, OXO also makes this basting brush, which was specifically made for the rigors of grilling, like high temperatures.

We Budget-Friendly BBQ Accessories evaluate all recommended products and services. Budget-Friencly you click on Value grocery bargains we provide, we may receive Acceesories. Learn Acceseories. Here's everything Bjdget-Friendly need Budget-Friendly BBQ Accessories make Producer sample packs over fire easier and more delicious. Acccessories is the most primal Accessoriew of cooking, setting food over live fire to get it all charred and delicious. But grilling isn't just about blazing flames; there are all sorts of ways to control the fire and the food you're cooking with it for optimal results. From heatproof gloves to a multipurpose spatula to a simple valve that tells you when your propane tank is empty, there are an array of helpful tools to make your barbecue better, specially designed to hold up to the heat. When you Affordable international food specials through Free craft project on our site, we may Producer sample packs Accewsories Free toy samples commission. Have a browse Acceseories our list below to upgrade Budget-Friiendly BBQ or portable grilland Acccessories cooking! One of the best BBQ accessories is actually a rather unassuming bit of kit. Take that, gas fans. Traditional skewers are bland. Any pitmaster worth their weight in dry rub will know the value of an accurate meat thermometer. Often the difference between a piece of ruined, rubbery meat, and a fall-apart-in-the-mouth plate of juicy delicousness, the use of a thermometer can help ensure you never over or undercook anything again.

Budget-Friendly BBQ Accessories -

The palms of the gloves are textured to provide more grip for greasy or oily food items. For any homemade burger lovers, the Cuisinart four-in-one burger press is an exciting gadget. The press is designed to serve as a patty shaper for sliders, traditional burgers, and even stuffed patties.

The device comes with multiple sizing options and has a nonstick coating to prevent the burgers from falling apart when you take them out of the mold. In addition to shaping the ground beef patties, the grill accessory is also designed to build patties from black beans, salmon, or any other meat alternatives.

To get that same grill contact treatment for small foods, this Weber grill pan is a great hack. The pan has thin slits across the surface to drain away excess liquids without being large enough for food to fall through. The pan is also designed for even heat retention across the entire surface, preventing hot spots.

The grill pan has raised edges so no food slides off, and the curved handles make for easier transportation. Most importantly, my dad uses this pan for his own barbecues, so it certainly has at least one major seal of approval.

Perhaps the most important grill accessory to have by your side, a good pair of tongs can make all the difference for searing hot dogs and flipping peppers. The OXO Good Grips inch tongs are a pair you can trust for years, with a handy lock to prevent barbecue sauce from getting everywhere.

The longer length of the tongs compared to other options gives you better reach to prevent any arm hairs from singeing off. The tongs have a nonslip grip handle for steady usage when holding and flipping thick food items, and the thumb rest gives you a natural holding position.

For anyone with a charcoal grill , the Weber Rapidfire compact chimney start can cut your waiting time down significantly. The chimney starter is capable of lighting barbecue coals in 15 minutes or less without lighter fluid or any other chemicals.

The chimney starter also comes with multiple safety features, including an extended handle and a stainless steel guard to prevent coals or embers from burning your hand.

While we like the peace of mind that the wooden paddle scraper above affords, wire brushes are undoubtedly effective at removing grease and char—just make sure you wipe down the surface before you cook to eliminate any risk of loose bristles getting into your food.

This Grillart option remains remains one of the best grill cleaning tools, with a unique design built around thicker, more tightly packed bristles than the average brush. The brush offers a more comprehensive clean without shedding or falling apart over time, and the rows of brushes get between those finicky grill grates with ease.

The grill brush is built with an angled nonslip handle for better leverage when cleaning your grill grates, so the grime will come off nicely even if you procrastinated for a few days. For our grill masters who are just starting out, this Chef Buddy seven-piece barbecue apron and utensil set serves as a solid foundation—and a great gift for the aspiring BBQ-er in your life.

The set comes with multiple entry-level grill accessories including tongs, a spatula, a fork, an oven mitt, and salt and pepper shakers. Conveniently, these pockets also fit beer cans and bottles with relative ease.

The apron itself easily rolls up and snaps into a low-profile bundle for storage. If you often find yourself running back to the kitchen to finish one more bit of prep work throughout the barbecue, this Prodyne cutting board is a great option. The board comes with a deep bottom tray for storing your already-chopped food or scraps.

You can even use the tray to marinate meat without fear of spilling. The cutting board is detachable from the tray for easy access, though each side has an opening so you can slide chopped vegetables directly into the tray below. For pancakes, eggs, and at-home hibachi, this Little Griddle stainless steel griddle is the grill accessory for you.

The griddle fits on most grill sizes and provides a smooth, flat surface. The griddle is designed with underside cross bracing to even out heat distribution across the entire surface, so even for your first pancake of the morning, you can get a nice golden brown color.

The griddle also comes with two side handles for easy transfer on and off the grill. This Cuisinart cast-iron grill press is perfect for getting crispy grill marks and charring on burger patties, paninis, and any other grilled sandwiches.

The press also comes with a wooden handle so you can hold it, and works well in the kitchen when the grill is packed up for the season. The Grillart Kabob skewers stand out from many other options: the food slider on the end of each skewer lets you push the food off of the kabob so you never have to touch it with your hands.

This also prevents the skewer from poking at your throat, for the foolish among us, like me. The stainless steel design makes them safe to place right on the grill, and most importantly, the tips are angled with a raised dot on the side to keep all your items on the skewer, even if held at an angle.

You can use it to cover your grill grates and form a makeshift flat-top surface. You can use the foil to wrap your vegetables while on the grill. Of course, you an also use the foil to keep your food warm after it has been cooked.

The spray is designed specifically for grills and grates, with a gel-style texture that sticks on to the bars instead of dripping off. The formula is biodegradable and safe to use on food surfaces. For anyone with a gas grill who also wants a smokier flavor in their food without caving and getting a charcoal grill, the Cave Tools smoker box is worth considering.

Fill the box with wood chips and leave it in your grill as you cook, turning any grill into a bonafide smoking machine. As the heat rises, the wood chips begin to smoke up, giving your food the same smoky flavor as a charcoal grill without buying a whole new system.

The box is resistant to high heat temperatures and can hold up to two cups of wood chips with ease. Tom Price is an Associate Editor of Reviews for Popular Mechanics, and also contributes to Runner's World, and Bicycling.

He has previously covered product reviews, startup news, and even professional wrestling. In his free time, he enjoys watching pretentious TV, low-brow movies, and exercising for beauty, not health. If you are interested in exploring more of his work, check out his website.

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Skip to Content Home Latest Stories Science Military Pop Mech Pro. The app is user-friendly, and the interface is easy to navigate. A good grill brush is key for a smooth grilling experience: Removing the burnt-on bits right after cooking or before helps prevent sticking, keeps flare-ups to a minimum and keeps your grill looking clean.

While some people are wary of metal-bristled brushes, we found that they cleaned our grills the best out of the styles we tested, including nylon, coiled and wooden paddle styles.

We've been using this particular grill brush for about three seasons now. It has three rows of bristles that get between grates well and a scraper for stubborn bits. The handle is thick and comfortable with a hanging loop so you can easily store it on your grill's hooks.

Turn your grill into a smoker with this Nexgrill smoker box. It works by holding your favorite wood chips in the base and allowing them to smoke so you can add flavor to your food.

The box is designed to keep wood from catching on fire and the vents allow for adequate smoke dispersal. It's hard to find a grilling tool set that includes quality products that you'll use often. Many come with a lot of extra pieces that you likely don't need, which is why this set from Oxo catches our eye.

It includes a inch version of their popular tongs as well as a long spatula. The tongs have a built-in bottle opener and large keyhole so you can store it on the side of your grill; the spatula is sturdy and slotted. Both pieces are relatively lightweight, but strong and responsive.

The silicone grips on the handles are comfortable to hold, and they can both be put in the dishwasher, which we appreciate. Oxo offers a five-piece BBQ tool kit, which was sold out at the time of publication, but it also avoids the pitfall of including less-useful items.

In addition to the featured tongs and spatula, it comes with a large fish turner and basting brush. Fish turners are great for getting under delicate fish and even meats because they're typically more flexible than regular spatulas and have a sharper edge.

The basting brush has silicone bristles that can withstand high heat. The set also comes with a heat-resistant grill mat that you can consider a bonus. Our analyst used these gloves while testing grill baskets and handling hot pizza stones.

They provided a nonslip grip while offering a high level of heat protection for your hands, wrists and forearms. One caveat: She noted that she did start to feel the heat when holding hot objects for more than two minutes. The company claims the gloves are cut-proof, which adds an extra layer of safety.

Baking sheets are good for more than sheet pan dinners. When it comes to grilling, half sheet pans work well as large, sturdy trays for carrying tools and ingredients to the grill, and they can also withstand high temperatures, making them a perfect landing spot for cooked foods.

The rimmed edges prevent juices from running everywhere. We love that Nordic Ware's durable and reliable half sheet pan comes with a lid, which keeps bugs at bay outdoors and allows for stacking in the fridge or next to the grill. We've been testing grills and grill accessories for decades in the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Over the past few years, we've tested more than 40 outdoor grills, including pellet grills , smart grills , portable grills and more. While we test, we use an assortment of grill accessories to handle and check the food and to prep and clean the grill. Our list of best grill accessories is composed of the tools we reach for almost every time we test and grill on our own at home.

They include our top picks from category tests where we test multiple versions of the same tool as well the accessories that continue to be popular with consumers.

Nicole Papantoniou is the director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab, where she manages all kitchen appliance content and testing.

She's been testing grills and grill accessories since she started at Good Housekeeping in , and she tests multiple grills from February through October every year. Sarah Wharton is a deputy editor with the Good Housekeeping Institute, where she writes about, edits and tests products for the Kitchen Appliances Lab.

She led the most recent test of grill thermometers and has tested indoor grills for Good Housekeeping. She has been cooking professionally since and has tested kitchen appliances and gear for Family Circle as well as developed recipes and food content for Simply Recipes, Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Oxo and Food She holds a certificate in professional culinary arts from the International Culinary Center now the Institute of Culinary Education.

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Our top picks: 1. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Grilling Accesosries a lot Frozen food one-day sale pleasant—and Budget-Frindly results will be more Producer sample packs you have a set of grill tools Producer sample packs do their jobs Bugdet-Friendly. To test Sample home decor inspiration tools, we gathered four cooking Accessorles grilling experts to combine forces at a backyard-grilling boot camp: Wirecutter senior staff writers Tim Heffernan, Lesley Stockton, and Michael Sullivan and New York Times assistant managing editor Sam Sifton founding editor of NYT Cooking. Over the course of four days, we cooked more than burgers, 20 chickens, and 10 pounds of vegetables on nine different grills. We discussed the usability, quality, durability, and price of every tool, and we're confident that our picks will be top performers throughout grilling season. You might notice the absence of grilling sets in this guide.



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