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Giveaway events and prize contests

Giveaway events and prize contests

Trip cotests Tickets to College Bowl Games Affordable cooking tips Can rafflepress do this? RafflePress® is a registered trademark of SeedProd LLC. Entries and users are separated.


22 Giveaway Prize Ideas 💡 Attract thousands of participants to your contest Are Affordable meal deals wondering how Giveeaway do a giveaway and Giveaway events and prize contests it a success? Giveaawy an prkze contest is a vontests way to drive massive traffic to Value Snacks and Treats website, increase your follower count, and generate targeted leads for your business. This article will show you how to do a giveaway contest, step-by-step, using RafflePress. Online contests and giveaways are online promotions where users perform specific tasks for the chance to win a prize. Many digital marketers use giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes to achieve their online marketing goals.

Giveaway events and prize contests -

Some popular online sweepstakes and giveaways include cash prize giveaways, product giveaways and trips giveaways. With a little bit of research, you can find a variety of sweepstakes and giveaways to enter and potentially win great prizes.

Instant Win Sweepstakes — these are great because you find out right away if you are a winner. In addition, these have sometimes MILLIONS of prizes available and as we stated earlier, the more prizes that a sweepstakes has, the better the odds.

Most of these you can come back and enter daily. Social Media Sweepstakes — these giveaways are conducted on various social media platforms. Or will you require something from people who enter? For example, you could run a photo contest to get more user-generated content.

Or you could learn how to make a contest to get feedback. Running classic online giveaways is a bit easier. Make sure that the entry methods you use align with your goals. For example, if your goal is to grow your email list, you should make completing this task a requirement.

Note: You should check with your social media platform when setting up entry actions. Some platforms, like Facebook, state that you should not ask participants to like and share your giveaway contest in their terms and conditions. There are many different ways to run an online contest for your brand.

Some businesses use web-based giveaway tools, while others harness the power of their websites. In our expert opinion, using your website is the best way forward.

Web-based platforms often charge extra to remove their logos and watermarks, whereas running a giveaway on your website gives you complete control over your branding.

Moreover, third-party platforms have access to any data you collect. With your website, you own the data and can control what happens to it. If you have a WordPress website, we recommend using RafflePress , the best WordPress giveaway plugin on the market.

It works seamlessly with your existing branding and lets you maintain ownership of everything you create. It gives you everything you need to accomplish your giveaway goals, whether to grow your email list , increase website traffic, or boost social media followers. After installing and activating the RafflePress giveaway maker plugin, on your WordPress dashboard, hover over the RafflePress icon and click Add New to create a giveaway.

First, type in a name for your giveaway in the text field at the top of the screen. Choose any name for your giveaway. Next, choose your giveaway template. As you can see in the screenshot below, RafflePress offers several pre-made templates designed to reach particular giveaway goals, such as Grow Your Email List, Refer-a-Friend , Pre-launch Campaign, Grow Your Facebook Page , and more.

This template allows you to create any type of giveaway contest using the easy RafflePress builder, including running a blog giveaway. Choose the Classic Giveaway template by hovering over it and clicking Use This Template.

The first step to building your online giveaway is to set the giveaway prize details. You can also upload an image of your prize by clicking the Select Image button below the description box.

You can then choose an image from your media library or upload an image from your computer. You can also set the date, and the time your giveaway will start and end and choose your timezone underneath the Start and End Time section.

Click the Save button to save the changes. Remember to save your work throughout building your contest periodically. RafflePress is one of the best contest apps for learning how to run a giveaway because you can give users multiple ways to enter your contest.

These actions will also help you reach your goals for your viral contest. For instance, you can allow users to receive 1 contest entry for signing up for your email list , a 2nd contest entry for visiting your Facebook Page, a 3rd entry for following you on Pinterest, etc. So, click on the Actions tab to select the ways users can participate in your online competition.

The raffle contest entry methods are groups by goal:. These settings include the title, value how many entries the action will be worth , whether the action is mandatory, and a field to add your Facebook Page URL.

Repeat the process for any other actions you want to add to your contest; you can add as many as you want. For instance, you can also add a Join an Email Newsletter action to boost subscribers, including an opt-in confirmation checkbox and integration with your email marketing service.

You can easily rearrange actions for your contest by dragging and dropping on the left side or delete actions by clicking the trash can icon on the right side.

Related: How to Create a Daily Giveaway With Multiple Entries. Next, you can customize the look of your online giveaway in the Design tab.

You can choose from 2 different layouts display image, then header, or header, then image and several fonts and button colors.

In the Settings tab, there are 6 different sections: General, Giveaway Rules, Email Verification, Success Tracking, Success Redirect, and Social Logins. RafflePress makes it easy to get started. You can use the Rules Generator Template to quickly get a head start on creating your contest rules.

Clicking this button will allow you to type in the sponsor name, email, address, eligible locations, the minimum age to enter, and more. You can check out our documentation for details on all the RafflePress settings. RafflePress makes launching a giveaway easy. Just click on the Publish tab at the top of the screen.

A dedicated landing page for your contest is an excellent option for getting more contest entries. Instead, it would be best if you started promoting your giveaway to help spread the word.

A good contest marketing strategy will help your giveaway to go viral so you can grow your audience and generate as many leads as possible.

There are several ways to promote your giveaway. One of the easiest ways is to share it on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and ask people to tag a friend in the comments section.

Their Instagram post includes a photo of the grand prize to let users know what they can win and giveaway to widen their reach on social networks and Instagram feeds. Start promoting your contest weeks before it goes live to get tons of traffic and entries on day 1.

Check out our article on more contest promotion ideas to make your giveaway viral. So, how do you pick a winner for a giveaway? The fairest way to pick a winner is by a random draw. RafflePress makes this easy. When your giveaway ends, navigate to RafflePress » Giveaways and click the Needs Winners link on the right.

You can see all the people who entered your contest and how many entries they each have. To choose a winner randomly, click the Pick Winner button, select your options, and click Choose Winners Now. RafflePress will highlight the winner instantly. You can easily click to email them and tell them the good news!

Following up with all of your giveaway entrants will allow you to form better connections with them and mention your contest one last time. And RafflePress includes insightful Entry Reports that make it easy to visualize what worked best for your contest.

You can find it by heading to RafflePress » Giveaways and clicking Users under your giveaway. Then at the top of the screen, click the Entries Report link.

With this information, you can see which actions resulted in the most contest entries. That way, you know which actions are most effective for future giveaways. Another easy way to get the actionable data you need to optimize your giveaways is with MonsterInsights , the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

MonsterInsights makes it easy to track your contest landing page visits, traffic to your website, referral traffic, website activity, eCommerce promotions, etc.

You can see all of the MonsterInsights dashboard reports right from WordPress. The length of a giveaway can vary, but typically they last between one and four weeks. Create a social media giveaway or contest to feed this desire while improving your social media engagement and supercharging the buzz around your brand.

Giveaways and contests boost your follower count, convert leads, amplify brand awareness and increase loyalty. Now that is something to smile about.

In this article, we take you through how to launch a social media giveaway or contest and share 12 ideas that will help you connect with your audience and convert customers. During social media giveaways, brands, influencers and creators ask people to complete a task such as tagging their friends, following accounts and liking or sharing posts for a chance to win a prize.

During social media contests, people are challenged to submit their best versions of an assigned task, like their best photo, caption or answer.

The winner s of the contest receive a prize based on their performance, which means your most creative or talented followers have an advantage. Challenging your followers to be creative sets the scene for you to foster relationships, build a niche community and source user-generated content.

Today kicks off our NewRoConnects apartment giveaway hashtag contest. Why your brand should create a giveaway or contest At a time when short-form video is dominating social feeds, it can be a challenge to create marketing campaigns consumers will actually engage with.

Views are great. Use your goal type to shape your giveaway or contest. What is your marketing department willing to spend on the contest or giveaway? If you plan on doing these regularly—to keep your followers excited and engaged—ensure you include them in your annual budget.

Once you know the budget, you can distribute it between ads and prize costs. You need to know your audience demographics to determine which platform s to host your giveaway or contest.

How well did your social media contest or giveaway perform? Did you achieve your goal? This analysis can help you improve your future campaigns. Use these seven giveaways for inspiration.

A tried-and-true way to reach more of the right audience is to team up with brands they already follow to co-host a giveaway. Combine your resources to create the ultimate prize bundle. A post shared by Primally Pure Skincare primallypure.

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