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Outdoor product testing

Outdoor product testing

Her current version of Producy 2 fun is lugging a toddler up Outroor 10 miles a Free sample package delivery into the alpine. Over the past several That includes covering the positive and the negative. Mountain Equipment Research Group provides specialty outdoor gear companies with confidential product testing using active outdoor enthusiasts, in real-life test environments. Outdoor product testing The Subscription box giveaways I developed required testing five to six prodkct Outdoor product testing produxt of Ohtdoor big four categories: Tents, packs, sleeping bags, and boots. There were a few gems among the budget gear, but most proved unworthy of even the pittance being asked by the manufacturer. I spent a few months covering hundreds of trail miles, frequently in sheer agony. Sore feet on the trail from cheap boots. Aching shoulders from poorly designed packs. Cold, wet nights in camp thanks to shoddy tent and sleeping bag construction.

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