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Budget-friendly restaurant deals

Budget-friendly restaurant deals

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Budget-friendly restaurant deals -

ALL of what I listed was top notch. Buttery, melts in your mouth, perfection. We were immediately greeted with a good morning and a smile by staff.

The aroma of freshly baked goods smelled like a dozen of lit scented candles. It was very hard to choose what to pick. And the cost was way cheaper than any other donut shop I've been to recently.

A must try for anyone in the area or traveling through, just be sure to have cash because they are CASH ONLY. BEST DONUTS IN THE CITY! hands down. Especially when they are hot 🔥, but even when they're not. A must visit if you arent from the city. Get there early! The line can get long but definitely worth the wait!

I love the Bavarian Cream donuts and their blueberry cake donuts are good too. coming from someone who doesn't like blueberries Employees are awesome too!

I don't think there's ever been a time I've been disappointed with Long's. Love, love, LOVE this place!! Good donuts especially if you prefer cake style.

Slide 1 of 3. Mentioned on 1 list. Ice cream shop. Coffee shop. Dessert shop. Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station is a charming, year-round ice cream shop and fair trade coffeehouse with a large deck that draws crowds in the spring and summer.

The old train depot provides the backdrop for this popular spot, which offers well-loved flavors, vegan options, and one of a kind creamy possibilities. Slide 1 of 8. I have found my new favorite ice-cream place! Simply AMAZING! Plenty great vegan flavors which are so hard to find.

Friendly staff and good seating area outside. Great place to bring your family and friends! I got cherry and chocolate flavor, I personally didn't like cherry flavor, it was very thick whereas chocolate was HEAVEN!

Nice ice cream shop in Broad ripple next to the Monon trail. A large choice of different ice cream flavors. The outdoor seating area is very enjoyable when the weather is nice. Service was quick and prices are reasonable.

We had a good time at Brics! They get pretty busy on weekends but the line moves fast. Oh well!! Still yummy! All of my friends enjoyed their ice creams and we had a great time! Cute little ice cream place located on the Monon Trail.

They offer a great selection of ice cream flavors as well as vegan options. You'll also find sundaes as well as sweet drinks like floats and shakes. The two flavors I got Chocolate Malt Supreme and French Silk were fantastic! Can't wait to come back here again soon! This has got to be the best place for a date.

The atmosphere is so cute with outdoor seating or indoor tables with a fireplace. The tables have games that are great for generating conversation. The ice cream features cute names for classic flavors.

The ice cream is delicious 😋 and a great deal. They give huge servings. Their milkshakes are super thick. Love the almond coconut fudge ice cream. Not a huge fan of the strawberry; couldn't taste any strawberry really. Chocolate Oreo shake was beyond chocolatey, almost too much.

From ice cream options to Malt Shakes by request - this Ice Cream Shop is really making a name for itself! The quality of the malt shakes has exceeded my expectations along with the top notch service!

Keep an eye out for Pirate Treasure at this location from the Modern Pirate Lord! Incredibly delicious ice cream!

Great environment, kind staff. A 5 star experience, would definitely recommend to others👏🏽. Need a place to stay? Where City name. Rooms, guests. Rooms and guests. Search for hotels. Vegan restaurant. Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is an experience!

They make the ice cream right in front of you using Nitrogen, which is a very cool thing. There are many different flavors and toppings to choose from, so everyone can have a great time. Gluten free and dairy free options! The unique ice cream is delicious and custom mixed how you would like it.

The process is fun to watch. Simply 1. Choose Your Base Original cream, reduced fat, etc. Choose Your Flavor s from one of the 35 options, 3.

Choose Your Mix-ins candy, nuts, or fruit , 4 Watch it Freeze with a blast of LN2 liquid nitrogen , watch your liquid treat become a frozen dessert right before your eyes!

Such an awesome experience! Come here to have delicious ice cream made right before your eyes with the help of liquid nitrogen. I chose to get a pre-designed flavor of ice cream the 3 , and it was delicious! The ice cream was flavored with cinnamon and vanilla and had Twix and Heath candy mixed in as well!

You also have the option of designing your own ice cream with all the flavors and toppings you could want. A great place for families or even a date night! Best place to walk downtown for ice cream.

The experience is great watching the ice cream being made to order from cream with liquid nitrogen. They also have enough creative flavors to keep you coming back though.

I had the flavor of the month caramel apple and the tartness of the green apple flavor was great. I'd recommend going here just for the "experience" of seeing your mix turned into ice cream. But the staff wasn't very welcoming, more into talking to each other.

There was a long line too, so maybe they're just overworked. The final result wasn't great either, oddly chewy I got the keylime voltage. Ended up throwing most of it away. But the options and the act of seeing your ice cream freeze in front of you was really fun.

Maybe fun for a date night, but not for a quick sweet tooth satisfier. I think this is more of a experience and over priced. They pour the milk and add the syrups into a bowl then shoot liquid nitrogen to rapid freeze to make the ice cream and turn.

Got pistachio ice cream. Not bad but not something to rave about. I left wanting my usually grocery store ice cream. This place never disappoints, everytime we are in Indy, we stop in, I got the cotton candy pink my daughter flavored her base with marshmallow flavor, and had them add cherries hers was the best!

My son did mint and chocolate slivers instead of chocolate chips, all was really good! We love this place! You can even customize your ice cream!!

We chose to come to Sub Zero Nitrogen because of the good ratings as well as the vegan ice cream. The workers made it so liquid, more syrup than ice cream. The portion size which I paid for a regular was smaller than the smaller size that my wife and sister-in-law had gotten. The employees were mad rude.

Overall, the worst experience anyone could have! We felt robbed. Definitely, not coming back. These macaroons are so delicious. Not kidding they are probably the best ones I have ate in a long time.

I prefer the coconut one. But to each their own on the flavor. Pizza restaurant. Italian restaurant. Takeout Restaurant. Pizza delivery. Giorgio's Pizza is a great place to get pizza and subs.

They have thin and thick crusts, as well as beer and wine. The people working there are always friendly, so you're sure to have a good time if you visit. Great pizza and people! Love the stuffed pizza and pepperoni bread sticks. Worth the wait and your patience.

Aren't we all? This is a real family of immigrants making delicious food the way it was intended, and are truly examples of neighborly small businesses that are run by a diverse group of our friends. They always treat me like that they are so happy to see me there and that means everything to me.

Absolutely delicious, and a true New York style pizza. Super friendly staff. Great pizza by the slice right in the center of Indy. We had a great experience. We wanted a good New York slice and we definitely got it. Staff was friendly.

I really enjoyed the stuffed breadsticks. I've been told by several sources to try this, as it is like NYC style pizza and comparable! I think their best work likely is in the simple slices. Great people who will get you whatever you want. We ate lunch there and Pizza Johnny had lasagna frozen for us to take back to st.

Louis the next day. We had the lasagna for dinner the next night and it was excellent. The ravioli is awesome as well. Like eating in a small pizza joint in Italy! I literally smelled the pizza walking outside down the street, smelled so good! Order by the slice or whole pie!

Staff was very friendly, nice area for seating. Restrooms for customers only. Atmosphere was pretty relaxed but the service was just ok and the pizza was good, however the breadsticks are just unflavored dough cooked.

You can dip it in marinara or nacho cheese sauce to help. We travel the country and always make a point to stop and get pizza and I ALWAYS order the same exact thing.

Cheese pizza. In my opinion if your cheese pizza is good that means your sauce, crust, and cheese are packed with flavor and perfectly proportionate. This was not. No flavor, barley any sauce, and just ok.

It was definitely not bad and just what we needed after a very long day but when we come back through I will be trying other options. I've been going here for years.

I still enjoy the pizza but ever since George took over, they keep taking my money. They'll give me a total but when it clears my bank account, it'll be more than what they told me at the register.

It happens every time. I tried to call to get this resolved but George told me to call back at 1pm and when I called back he was gone. I'm pretty sure he just didn't want to deal with my issue.

So here I am, leaving my review. There are too many pizza options downtown to let them continue to steal my money. If your looking for that New York , thin crust, style pizza, then this is it.

Great pizza in a clean environment makes this place a good choice if you are downtown Indianapolis. Pizza sold by the slice makes for a great lunch. Slide 1 of 4. This bakery is fantastic. Everything is made fresh.

The staff is helpful and they know the products. It is cash only. I noticed this place driving down the road while traveling in Indianapolis. When I got in the line must have been around 30 people deep. It moved quickly and I was out with tasty treats in less than ten minuets. The doughnuts are great, you can't go wrong with any of them.

Longs Bakery has fresh donuts, alot to choose from. Worth your while to go get some! They are very Good! I ADORE Long's Bakery! I have to make a stop whenever I'm in the Indy area.

This location is a little more accessible parking wise than the downtown location and slightly less crowded depending on time of day. The yeast glazed are to die for but really you can't go wrong with anything here.

My visits are so few and far between that it takes me forever to decide on what I want without buying just everything, and the staff are always so patient with me haha. Seriously, I've searched all over the country for donuts that can compete with Long's and it just doesn't exist!

Give them a try and just remember that they're cash only. This place is literally the reason I carry cash still! Best yeast donuts in town. Their glazed yeast are the best and the blueberry cake is a very close second! I have been going to Long's for years now.

I love the fresh donuts there is doubt about it. I have never gotten a bad one unlike most places today they are shipped in and can be stale. At Long's they are made fresh daily.

They also offer other bakery needs here, but I'm a donut girl from this place. I have been to both locations too and they both are awesome. Definitely not the West side location, but a lovely stop any day. The workers are efficient and helpful. I took a star off because they are always out of something.

I guess the upside is that I try something new when that happens. A local favorite bakery. We got there early, still a long line already. However the line move fast, so you need to know what to get prior to coming. Cash only. Staff were very friendly.

The place gives out cozy vibe. The bakery Oh my god. The best Donut ever. I have eaten Vodoo donuts, blue star donuts and longs always beats them on texture and flavor. The staff is always so nice and helpful.

Bring cash!!! Breakfast restaurant. Show 7 more. Panera Bread is a popular cafe chain known for its sandwiches, salads, and coffee. The café is always clean and the food is prepared correctly. The bread is some of the best in the city, and they offer free WiFi.

I love the hazelnut coffee. I absolutely love the Mediterranean veggie sandwich. I ordered dinner at pm.

Limited menu and out of bread. Poorly managed and staff is rude. Probably overworked and under staffed. Also when I ordered, they kept asking me if I wanted to order a drink.

pretty terrible, they were out of a bunch of stuff, including sourdough bread, most bagels, and baguettes. The drink area was a mess.

In large part due to Zoe and Katina. They are always helpful and receptive. Most of the other employees have been helpful as well. I did have a slight issue with the GM and the restroom when I placed a call rapidd order and dined in.

But the issue was resolved with further conversation. Love me a broccoli cheese bread bowl! Stopped in before heading to the airport to eat lunch and get some work done.

It is inside a building so less busy that other paneras I've been to on the past. Was a nice place to work for a few hours, and coffee refills didn't hurt! Walked a mile, even though it was 30 minutes before closing, they refused to take our order as they said they were "out of things".

They were already well underway of closing, so they must have started closing very early. My wife is a vegetarian, which makes it challenging to find a place to eat.

We are running a marathon in the morning, so this is a huge stress that could have been avoided. Will be communicating with Panera headquarters about this. While writing this outside the open but refusing to take orders Panera, there was a steady stream of customers they were also refusing.

I visit Panera on a regular basis in my hometown. I was visiting Indy for a conference on May 6 th and figured I would go to the Panera on Washington street since I knew I liked the company. I should have never set foot in that place. First day I ordered it was wrong and I figured that the staff just messed up and blew it off.

The second day was worse. There is nobody at the front to take your order. You can only order from the kiosk. There are no drinks or pagers near the kiosk or in any area outside of the registers. When the screen asked for a pager I asked an employee up front for one.

She acted like I was asking for a foreign object so I asked for a manager. She brought me another employee who was clearly not the manager and then she stormed out of the store screaming obscenities at me. The manager finally came to the front and acted like I was being ridiculous asking for a pager.

She said that location doesn't use pagers even though there was a large stack of pagers directly to her right. I was shocked and disappointed since I have never received service like that at a Panera in the past. Very spacious store with a great ambiance.

You need a passcode to use the restroom. The shop also offers Java coffee, which is sure to satisfy any caffeine craving. The family-owned business has been in operation since the early s and still draws customers today.

I DO know that the coffee is always perfectly brewed and a fritter can feed a family of 4 🤗. Donuts were good, place was clean. Service was nice. Right in downtown, just a walk away from many hotels. Cute little donut shop I stumbled across today when looking for a quick bite at lunch.

The pumpkin spice iced coffee was delicious as was my cream filled donut. Cute atmosphere too! Went twice! Checked the reviews and wanted to try! Disregard the sprinkle pic as I stuck my finger in it getting it out of the bag. The staff is friendly and the prices were amazing!

Fresh and delicious!! Highly recommend and will be back! Just had the best apple fritter of my life! Best donuts in town, consistently, hands down. Been coming here for years now and remember the pre-pandemic glory days where they stayed open into the night.

My son ordered these through GrubHub for us and we're not impressed. Two of them aren't even what he ordered.

It doesn't taste like chocolate let alone anything but bread. The two at the top look like blobs. We won't be ordering again. Fast, friendly service and amazing donuts! Just ordered Jack's donuts and can I say outstanding.

I once thought Longs had the best donuts, but even Longs doesn't hold a candle to Jack's donuts. Jack's donuts are the best in the city of Indianapolis. My all time favorite is the croissants turned into donuts, absolutely delicious, they just melt in your mouth and I'm in heaven.

How the owner hasn't won an award for the most outstanding donuts is beyond me, he definitely deserves it. I truly hope Jack's is passed on generation after generation. Keep up the good work Jack's, we love you Love Nicole and Vickie. Friendly staff and delicious donuts.

Visited during GenCon and they could have used 1 or 2 more staff. Iced coffee was pretty good, but felt bad ordering it because it slowed them down and the line increased substantially. So this review is based on an Apple Fritter that my son bought for me while I was in Indy last week.

It was big, well made with plenty of apples and the glaze was done to perfection. My son and his girlfriend showed me the other donuts they bought and they also looked good although I did not try them. Next time in the downtown area, I will make it a point to stop by and visit in person.

Cupcake shop. Yummy cupcakes and great service! We came closer to their closing time and Lauren was still on top of it and super helpful! She gave us many suggestions, was super patient, and got all of our requests from the back.

The cupcakes are yummy and have a good ratio of cupcake to icing. The price is worth it too for amazing cupcakes and super fun flavors! You have not had a delicious cupcake until you have had Flying Cupcake!

My favorite is the Pretty in Pink! So great! These could win any of those baking competitions on food network. Creative and delicious. Posting a note to rave about their customer service. I was having issues with ordering online I was sending a gift.

I called for help and they processed the order with no issues. Super excited to have my friend try their gf options!! I've not had the gf options but the others have always been yummy. Wonderful staff and service!

My nieces and nephews go wild for these things. My personal favorite is the Peanut Butter Blackout. Sandwich shop. Beverage distributor. Show 4 more. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch of soup and sandwiches.

The sandwiches were phenominal very hardy with lots of meat and fresh vegetables the soup was hearty and seemed homemade, I had some Voodoo kettle chips for the first time very delicious.

We enjoyed visiting with the staff, wonderful girls dedicated, friendly, and professional for young adult girls totally impressed with this couple of teenagers, my teenage boy was quute smitten with them as well.

The sandwich was decent but after telling 3 workers I ordered the turkey and avocado it was still wrong. I got back to my desk as I walked there on lunch break only to realize there was NO avocado on my "AVO TURKEY". How do you not add avocado when avocado is in the name??

So I went back the store and the cashier offered to give me the avocado "on the side". I explained that I would prefer a new sandwich made correctly which the manager quickly accommodated. I got back to work and there were two tiny pieces of avocado and not nearly as much turkey as the first sandwich.

I mean there was BARELY anything other than bread. My Co worker went to the same location about an hour after me and ordered the same sandwich and the maker failed to add the avocado to her sandwich as well. He also tried to hand the wrong sandwich to the guy in front me.

Again, the sandwiches are decent, not very flavorful but the guy making the sandwiches needs to wake up or pay attention to what he's doing. I wish I could say the sandwich was amazing but I couldn't tell with only 2 slivers of avocado and thinly sliced turkey that was barley there.

CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE LEAVING Edit: I'd also like to note you can't actually see them making the sandwiches like most sandwich shops.

Entirely cold. Nothing was said to us by staff or management no signs posted. Super disappointing because the staff was so nice. I had the Mediterranean sandwich here and it was a little disappointing. I also wish that they had a menu that did more to stand out from other sandwich chains.

I recently visited Potbelly on Monument Circle and unfortunately, it was a highly disappointing experience. I had heard good things about this place, but my visit left me with a sour taste in my mouth, both literally and figuratively.

First and foremost, the service was abysmal. As I entered the shop, I immediately noticed the tense atmosphere. The staff appeared demoralized, which undoubtedly had an impact on the service quality. Orders were mixed up, and the wait times were longer than they should have been.

I had to wait an excruciatingly long time just to place my order, and when I finally did, they got it wrong not once, but twice. It's frustrating when a simple sandwich order becomes an ordeal.

Now, let's talk about the food. I ordered the Lucky 7 and was shocked at how small it was for the price. The portion was laughable, and it left me feeling hungry even after I finished it. The taste was underwhelming as well. The ingredients lacked freshness, and the sandwich itself was bland.

It was as if they had forgotten to put any seasoning or flavor into it. I could have made a better sandwich at home in a fraction of the time and cost. The ambiance of the place didn't do much to salvage the experience either. The tables were dirty, and the overall cleanliness left a lot to be desired.

It's difficult to enjoy a meal when you're worried about the cleanliness of the establishment. To top it all off, the prices were unreasonably high for what was offered.

I wouldn't mind paying a premium for a quality meal, but what I received was far from it. From the poor service to the lackluster food and high prices, I would strongly advise anyone looking for a satisfying sandwich to steer clear of this place.

There are plenty of other options in town that offer much better value for your money and a more enjoyable dining experience. Kind and speedy service. Couldn't have asked for a fresher sandwich.

I watched the kind server slice up an avocado right before my eyes. The chocolate chip cookie bar is the perfect dessert 🍪. We where told we couldn't order milk shakes because they where to busy.

The sandwich was good even if it was wrong. I would give zero stars if I could. Ordered dinner from here for the first time tonight, never had their food before. I ordered the choose 2 option I got a pizza half sandwich with the broccoli cheddar soup, my husband got a turkey sandwich and chili.

Our order arrived it was a hot mess. The sandwiches were slopy just thrown together assembly was required. The people preparing tge order were just plain lazy!

It was obvious they made a whole turkey sandwich and didn't feel like making my pizza one so they shoved a half of sandwich in each sleeve.

The label even said what it was supposed to be. On top of that there was no soup. Thankfully grubhub gave a full refund for the partial meal we received. This what we get for trying new places.

We will never order from there again. If you like to order dinner just to have to cook at home this is the place for you. Do yourself a favor, order something else. You will be glad you didn't order from here. Sundae restaurant. Sundae's Homemade Ice Cream is a great place for ice cream lovers in Indianapolis.

With dozens of flavors to choose from, as well as toppings and mix-ins, you're sure to find the perfect combination for your unique taste preferences.

The friendly staff will make sure that you enjoy your dessert experience! Slide 1 of 7. The ice cream at Sundae's is one word - addicting. The exterior and interior of the store are nothing special - standard run of the mill storefront.

The staff are all very friendly and helpful - all younger and haven't been jaded by life are jokes allowed in this review? Now, the ice cream. Creamy while frozen and runny when it hits hot air - tells me a couple things: 1.

It's not overloaded with stabilizers 2. Plenty of cream in the ice cream - part of what makes it delicious The flavors have been fantastic. Pictured are the banana cream pie and the raspberry limoncello cake and they both taste what they say they're supposed to without being a sugar bomb.

This restaurant is usually an all-you-can eat Brazilian restaurant, where servers bring around appetizers and pizza until diners say uncle. first of all, where do you live? but also — the company was sold from one North Texas restaurateur to another.

Two new DeLuccas are expected to open soon. El Fenix has 14 restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth. Find one at elfenix. I love the flower-arranging class , during which attendees get deals on wine. At happy hour every day, p. On Friday movie nights at p.

My tried-and-true goodies are the Malaysian curry chicken, papaya salad with cucumber and peanuts, and cheeseburger topped with red onion brisket jam. Happy hour — weekdays from p. Haskell Ave.

You will get those seeds in your teeth , so check your mirror before you go back to work. Not going back to work? Northwest Highway, Garland Road, and Harry Hines Boulevard. Options include fried chicken and rice on Mondays, vermicelli noodles with beef tenderloin and a turmeric-ginger sauce on Wednesdays, and coconut curry with shrimp and noodles on Thursdays.

Find a Malai Kitchen in Dallas-Fort Worth at malaikitchen. Diners and restaurateurs might complain that food is more expensive than ever, but breakfast is still the best time of day for a low-priced bill. Check the menus before you go; prices and options change by location.

Show up anytime between 11 a. and 5 p. You might need food, too, and I love the half panini, half salad option for a light and delicious lunch. Headed to a Dallas Cowboys game, or to a baseball game in Arlington? Even Food Network star Guy Fieri likes it: He visited the family-owned restaurant for an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in Prince Lebanese Grill is at W.

Randol Mill Road, Arlington. A new restaurant will open in its place soon.

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