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Free Book Teasers Online

Free Book Teasers Online

Grade Ftee. Free Book Teasers Online Puzzles. Carla D E Godfrey 4 "Some people count sheep when they go to sleep - I count polar bears!


FAST \u0026 EFFECTIVE BOOK TEASERS: How To Up Your Marketing Game Faster And Easier

Free Book Teasers Online -

While on vacation at McLeod Castle in Scotland, Gwen Mackenzie has nightly dreams of an ancient warrior bound by a curse. Tess has given up looking for Mr. But in doing so, Tess risks exposing her secret past. Can she get to the bottom of it? Want to write a book and need motivation to get started?

Over fifty with something to say? Find compelling reasons and steps to get your story and ideas on paper. Interviews with newly self-published authors show you it is easier than you think and well worth it.

Learn how to win the fight against your excuses. Make Fitness A Priority now! However, happiness is a choice, and sometimes, you just need a boost to remind yourself of that fact.

This book is designed to help give you that small boost. We hope these tips and examples help you when you write your next book teaser! And remember that you can always change your blurb to keep it fresh and connect with new readers. If you have any additional suggestions or questions, feel free to comment below.

I am a copyeditor and a typesetter of print books, and have been editing and typesetting using InDesign for fourteen years. As the executive editor at Book Cave, I enjoy helping authors be successful, and I only get interrupted a little bit ha!

by my way-too-smart-for-his-own-good three-year-old and my cute 6 month old. Good puz­zle for the whole brain: The Blind Beggar. Find the the Real­ly, Real­ly, Real­ly Big Number. A few guessti­ma­tions often used in con­sult­ing and tech interviews. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?

Fun teasers on how our brains and minds work: 1. Try the Stroop Test 2. Check out this brief atten­tion experiment 3.

Test your stress level 4. Challenge your cognitive abilities with these brain teaser games: 5. Quick brain teasers to flex two key men­tal muscles 6. Count the Fs in this sentence 7.

Visual illusions: 8. Ten clas­sic opti­cal illu­sions to trick your mind 9. Fun Men­tal Rota­tion challenge Language and logic mind teasers: This book uses those quirks as a teaching opportunity. Teasers and puzzles are fun, and learning how to solve them can teach you to avoid programming mistakes and maybe even impress your colleagues and future employers.

Add to Cart. Programmers love the Go golang programming language because of its efficiency and simple tooling. Work your way through 25 short brain teasers, and learn the nuances of Go in one of the most fun and creative ways around. Challenge yourself and challenge your assumptions to gain a more in-depth understanding of integers, strings, Unicode, compiler behavior, and a variety of subtle programming gotchas that might otherwise trip you up.

Just read a short program written in Go, try to guess the output, run the code yourself, and then go to the next page for an explanation of the solution. NOTE: We use Go version 1. You will probably want a good IDE for Go, two of the most popular ones are Visual Studio Code and GoLand.

Errata, typos, suggestions.

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