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Free DIY project samples

Free DIY project samples

Give plain Free DIY project samples squares a Fdee finished look by stitching sampes colored border or pulling Freebies for product testers the thread along the edges to create a fringe detail. You can buy this Rust-Oleum spray paint at Amazon for £ Just remember that all images and text on this site are property of DIY beautify. Thank You!


Brilliant idea from an old clothes hanger! We've been Freee researching and testing Free DIY project samples for over years. Free sample packs you buy through DIYY links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process. Crafts aren't just for kids. According to a study from the Research Institute for Creative Arts Therapies, crafting can reduce stress and increase mood and self-confidence — three great reasons that adults should join in on the fun too.

Free DIY project samples -

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Like this: Like Loading Previous Previous. Next Continue. These pants were… Tell a friend! The teacher in me loves getting all… Tell a friend! I needed something that would fit my computer easily, plus a few other essentials for heading… Tell a friend! Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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Give an old set of drawers a brand new look with this simple hack, that will take as little as an afternoon but will create a show-stopping transformation. Start by choosing a width of dowelling you like, to create this designer-look, fluted front. The slimmer the dowels, the fiddler the hack but it will still create a pleasing update.

Next measure the height of each drawer and then cut the dowels to size. Attach the dowels in vertical strips to the drawer fronts with a strong wood glue, or alternatively tiny tacks to secure them into place.

Once dry, paint the dowels to match the colour of the unit. To give it a twist, paint the whole cabinet a bold, stand-out colour by using furniture chalk paint, or a matt eggshell paint.

Hang three shelves, painting them the same colour as the wall space above to create a playful and tonal look. Take colours from the same family to create a contemporary ombré effect and the perfect backdrop for decor pieces in similar colours.

Floating shelves are a stylish and easy way of working extra storage or display space into a room. Pick up a basic cork pin board, £ Interior designer Ju DePaula shared this easy headboard DIY on Instagram, using an MDF board, foam, wadding and some fabric.

This is a great way to make your bedroom or a kids room feel all new again. Check her Instagram blueberrylivingco for measurements. Kitchen storage ideas bursting at the seams? Make use of an empty wall by mounting beech plate holders, lining them up next to each other and using planks of MDF for shelves.

Not only does this give you extra space for plates, bowls and mugs, but it's also a unique and stylish feature. Why not paint a rectangle of contrasting colour behind the shelving to make it stand out?

The lower dowels function as hooks for tea towels and kitchen utensils too, freeing up drawer space. Stack together inexpensive bookcases and paint the inside recesses to create a dramatic backdrop for styling everyday objects, from bowls and mugs to glass storage jars.

Safety first: ensure the bookcases are secured to the wall when stacking. Alternatively, you could use leftover wallpaper instead of paint for the interior of the shelves.

Use it to create an on-trend fluted pattern on plain glass doors, or to give yourself more privacy by covering the bottom half of windows. Browse all of the window film, at Amazon. Carve out a corner seating area that's perfect for a family breakfast nook. Take an IKEA shelving unit as the base and combine with an upholstered headboard attached to the wall to make a backrest.

Place your dining table next to it and nestle dining chairs around it for extra seating. Add cushions and blankets to cosy up the look and store baskets beneath to curb clutter.

This easy display idea can be sorted in less than a day and makes an alternative to a fixed gallery wall as pictures can be moved around or added to if you fancy a change later down the line.

Otherwise, these Amazon picture ledges come highly recommended by reviewers and they come in a pack of 3. Arrange the ledges in rows on your wall, using a spirit level to make sure that they are straight. Ledges can be painted to match the wall for a seamless look or opt for a contrasting colour that will stand out against the backdrop.

Once up, simply prop pictures against the wall and fill in any gaps with small ornaments. Half-painted walls are super on trend at the moment and are a clever way of giving tired rooms new focus with a bold shot of colour.

Starting off with a white or pale-coloured wall is the simplest option. Apply a band of masking tape to the wall where you want your dividing line to be — the tape will help create a crisp edge — then fill in with darker-coloured paint.

Using a dark colour on the bottom section of walls and skirting helps a room to feel more grounded and gives a darker backdrop to showcase furniture and accessories. A lighter colour at the top will make a room feel more lofty. Perfect for a neutral living room that lacks energy, simply paint the fireplace or a large piece of furniture in a statement shade that will grab the attention and give the room a focal point.

Use a leftover tin of paint to transform your bedroom with an imaginative DIY headboard idea. This instant four-poster paint trick brings drama and a cocooning feel to your sleep space. Choose a rich, deep tone to contrast against the rest of the wall and extend it out onto the ceiling.

Or, you could create an arch-shaped painted headboard: 'Creating a perfect semi-circle with paint is easier than you think,' says Judy Smith, Crown Paints Colour Consultant. Depending on how wide you want your semi-circle to be, measure out some string and cut to size.

The longer the string, the bigger the semi-circle. Tie one end of the string to a pencil and the other end to the nail.

You can then go in with a paint roller or larger brush to fill in the rest of the shape. Do you have an old piece of wooden furniture such as a chest of drawers, sideboard or wardrobe that is looking dated and in need of a new look?

A simple coat of furniture paint goes a long way to make something old feel brand new. Let this fine example inspire your own DIY project. This wardrobe transformation is the work of Ideal Home's Editor Heather Young who has upcycled an old family heirloom for her young daughter's room. See Heather's upcycled wardrobe transformation for yourself.

She gave her shower screen this cool Crittall-style finish using black electrical tape. The crittall effect shower door hack hack cost a grand total of £2, but looks super stylish. You can source your electrical tape from Amazon , otherwise, you can use window lead adhesive for a similar effect.

Another big trend going nowhere is wall panelling. We promise it's easy as it's now readily available in DIY stores as primed-to-paint, stick-to-the-wall panels. But you can also have a go creating a bespoke look with MDF batons or strips.

There are lots of wall panelling ideas out there, and the fact you can now buy a wall panelling kit from Homebase complete with cut-to-size FSC-certified wood, it's easier than ever. You simply stick them onto your wall and paint. Sick of the sight of that stained old stair carpet? Tear it up and replace with a gorgeous paint job.

You could try a graduated ombré effect using a range of tester pots on the risers, keeping to one colour on treads, or alternate colours.

Learn how to paint a staircase and you'll be able to dramatically transform your hallway without spending much money. It's one of those jobs we never get around to doing, so why not dedicate a morning to auditing all the photos on your phone, then print a few out and create a wall of photos?

Play with composition — especially in areas like stairways or hallways, where walls are often bare and uninspired. For a smarter look, stick to photo frames of the same colour, and print all photos in either colour or black and white, rather than mixing and matching.

Spice racks can be so much more than storage for your garam masala! Be inspired by the many IKEA spice rack hacks to create an affordable storage solution. For instance, you can hang them upside down to make a rail for hanging baby clothes or jewellery.

And the right way up, they can hold anything from plants to books. You can buy these IKEA spice racks directly from Amazon, to save you the trip.

Protect the wall behind a sink or oven with a newly tiled splashback. You can give a kitchen, bathroom or cloakroom a whole new look in just an afternoon!

Watch a few tutorials on how to tile a splashback so you can approach the task with confidence. A backsplash will protect walls and add a splash of style to your decor scheme. You could revamp a side table or DIY coffee table with an easy-to-use marble effect film.

The adhesive film simple sticks to your existing work surface to provide a new look in an instant. Browse a whole selection of worktop vinyl at Amazon. If you have a small old storage unit knocking around that could easily be updated as shown above - you'd never know this elegant platform was a basic display plinth covered in marble wrap.

Go green indoors or out with the ultimate plant wall. Our friends at Dobbies have explained exactly how to get wall of fabulous foliage. Embrace the biophilic trend in your outdoor seating area or kitchen and make a living plant wall that will bring all the happy vibes and make a talking point.

Be super resourceful and give an old table or chest a second chance, and potentially create more storage in the bathroom. Discover how to upcycle a vanity unit and create a super-stylish piece of furniture.

Tackle a tired living room with an easy project that you can get done in an afternoon. A winning idea for decorating the wall behind the sofa.

Adding living, breathing greenery to your space will instantly revitalise it and having greenery indoors is a fabulous way of boosting mindfulness and well-being. Install wall planters in multiples, with rows positioned on the wall above a sofa or sideboard to create symmetry and a stunning alternative to a regular picture wall.

Fill with easy-care ferns and trailing plants that will pop against a plain colour. These clever Eco wall planters by Wallygrow incorporate hidden watering channels so that water hits the roots directly, with perforated holes that allow plants to breathe.

Otherwise, La Redoute's Ikebana Wall-mounted Flower Pots piece is super stylish and practical. It's also ideal for minimalist or modern decor schemes. Become a craft potter without the mess of moulding clay. Learn how to create a stunning stone-effect vase for just £6 using a can of spray paint and give your living room shelves a stylish update.

You can buy this Rust-Oleum spray paint at Amazon for £ If you're on the hunt for a simple DIY project that you can achieve in an evening or a weekend, then upcycling is the way forward. Whether you choose to upcycle a piece of furniture that you already own or you source something secondhand, it's a great way of breathing new life into something for very little money.

You can even upcycle for money by reselling your upgraded items.

There is almost always a Fre Free DIY project samples Budget-friendly groceries going on. Right now we have 5 in the queue. Projet you add that to the booth, private pay clients and family life… it gets to be a lot quick. Understanding your budget is key. Knowing this number will help you determine what your priorities are. Know your signature style.

Can you relate to Economical lunch specials I created a printable project journal and am offering it here as a Sample giveaway events online printable for you, to help you organize Free DIY project samples plan all of your Free DIY project samples project ideas Free DIY project samples Plan your sampled, knitting, crochet, or handicraft xamples or any DIY samplee This Project Journal is not specific to any particular asmples or sakples.

It can work for sampled about anything: sewing, crafting, knitting, handicrafts, DIY Freee projects, etc. This project Frde is Affordable food promotions for oroject who are creative Frse are always Frree up with priject. Veteran homeschool mom tip: if Discounted kitchen products kids Frfe a hobby, find a ssmples to tie reading and proect to it.

This project pgoject can sajples them practice their writing projet encouraging them proejct work sammples their Fdee You samppes print these pages out one at a time or you can print Free DIY project samples a bunch of them and bind or staple them together. I have this binding machine but a simple stapler is a super affordable option.

Or sew the paper together! These pants were…. The thrift store is my happy place. My post for the Blank Slate Sewing Team is up, so head on over to Melly Sews and check out the Super Skinny Pants I made for my little man!

The new school year is upon us! The teacher in me loves getting all…. I recently realized I was in need of another tote. I mean, can a girl ever really have too many tote bags?? I needed something that would fit my computer easily, plus a few other essentials for heading….

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: Free DIY project samples

DIY Projects

Woven materials, like cane webbing, are neutral in color, giving bold florals the space to shine. Cut a piece to fit around any ol' vase, then stitch a line or cross pattern along the edges in a contrasting color of your choice.

Wrap the webbing around the vase and adhere with hot glue. Bloggers Niña Williams and Cecilia Moyer used a sponge to create a custom accent wall.

To recreate it at home, simply dip the straight edge of a kitchen sponge in paint, then gently press it against your wall. Cast a custom glow with these color-blocked candles. Take plain taper candles and dip them in a mixture of colored crayon shavings and melted candle wax.

Use painter's tape for a more even dye job or embrace the unexpected and dip as you please. If you understand the basics of knitting and you're looking to move onto something more challenging, these knit mittens are a fun idea — plus, they make a great gift for loved ones! Follow our easy-to-read instructions and download the pattern.

Get the tutorial ». Burlap coasters add a layer of texture and warmth to your display, all while keeping your table protected from spills and water marks. Give plain burlap squares a more finished look by stitching a colored border or pulling at the thread along the edges to create a fringe detail.

Here's a cool way to strike up a conversation with your guests: a handmade serving tray. After you buy paint colors that pair with your home style, start by painting a wood board use tape to ensure straight lines. Screw on your handles, and you're ready to serve!

Get the tutorial from Inspired by Charm ». Make these flowers now, so you can enjoy 'em all season long.

To make, fold dyed cupcake liners in half and cut out petal and fringe shapes. Then fold a piece of floral wire in half and twist around the faux flower stamen. Poke the wire through the center of three to four paper liners. Finish it off by wrapping floral tape around the base of the liners and bringing it all the way down the stem.

Prior to joining GH in , she wrote for publications including ELLE Decor , Chairish , BobVila. com , Unique Homes Magazine and LODGING Magazine , in addition to crafting product copy for home brands like BrylaneHome and VIGO Industries.

Mariah has more than four years of editorial experience, having written for TLC, Apartment Therapy, Women's Health and Avocado Magazine. She received her master's degree in journalism at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism and published her first book, Heart and Soul: Poems of Thoughts and Emotions , in She's also the founder of RTF Community , a platform for creatives of color to connect, learn and showcase their work.

You Need to Try This Viral TikTok Plant Hack. How to Refinish Furniture With Paint. The Life-Changing Garland Hack Taking Over TikTok. Banish "I'm Bored! Cheap and Easy Greenhouse Plans for Your Backyard. How to Make Easy Paper Snowflakes.

The Best Homemade Fly Trap. How to Make a Fleece Tie Blanket. Skip to Content Product Reviews Life Health Food Beauty. sign in. Best Flower Delivery V-Day Gifts For Kids V-Day Gifts For Women V-Day Gifts For Men Amazon Valentine's Gifts.

Follow these steps: Make sure the glass is free of dust and lint. Paint a generous amount of Mod Podge on one side of the glass. Please note that I use affiliate links at times here, as well as on my social media accounts.

This means that if you click on a link to a product and purchase that product, I may receive a commission based on your purchase. I only feature products that truly inspire me.

Any products that have been gifted to Jojotastic for review are noted at the bottom of the post. Sponsored posts are noted as such. All opinions are my own and always will be!

Thanks for supporting content that keeps Jojotastic going. Skip to content. March 19, We are wrapping up Phase 1 of our big flooring project, which I'll be sharing soon Update: see our new waterproof barnwood floors here.

Today I rounded up some of my favorite DIY projects that have that rustic, weathered, chippy style that is incredibly popular right now! Here's a funny thing. When I was young, I liked shiny and new. The shinier and newer, the better! I didn't have a lot of stuff because the shiny, new stuff I loved was expensive!

Since I discovered a passion for DIY, I have more stuff than I can handle! Our recent flooring install meant everything needed to be moved from a couple of spaces. I took the time to go through all my stuff and I got rid of a lot, including much of my Rae Dunn collection because let's be honest who needs 57 Rae Dunn mugs?

If you are interested in seeing what I sold, you can view the items here. Now that I'm older, I love all the rustic, chippy and weathered things hmm, wonder if there's a correlation here?

I enjoy adding these pieces to my home because they tell a story and they create a feeling of warmth! Both are something you tend to enjoy more the older you get! Based on the projects you're pinning from my blog, I know that you love these things too! I know that you might have missed some of these projects, so I'm sharing them all here today, together in one place, to help you out!

Some are quick and easy, others will take longer. Some of these project ideas are free and others are more expensive. So you see, there's something here for everyone! Without further adieu, or yacking, here are 15 of my favorite projects that will add rustic, weathered and chippy texture to your home!

Click on the link in each title for the step by step directions and picture tutorial. These small black and white barn quilt signs were fun to make one afternoon using a scrap of wood I found in our garage!

I distressed them heavily with my palm sander to make them look older. If you want to see a larger version, I made a huge barn quilt in red and white to hang on my in-laws garage front! I made this weathered cake stand recently using a chunky candlestick from Hobby Lobby as my base. I love it for so many things!

The tutorial shows how I matched the raw wood top to the base using simple acrylic craft paints! I don't know why chippy white things make my heart pitter patter, but they do!

It took just a few minutes to cut them off, paint them white and I used a fun trick to get the chippy look in minutes! This DIY project remains one of my favorites ever! It took Mr DIY and I about nine hours to install reclaimed wood on two foot angled walls in our sunroom, but it was a fun project.

We didn't fight. Or argue. Really 😍 And it hasn't fallen off, so that's a bonus! Limewash has become popular again and everyone is doing it!

Free Woodworking Plans & Wood Project Ideas | Kreg Tool I recently spent a cozy day at home and felt the Tell a friend! For more woodworking projects, click here. international associates. Use social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest to share photos and videos of your DIY products and reach potential customers. Use a clear varnish to seal and protect, or cover it in a sheet of coloured Perspex for a modern, practical feel.
36 Easy DIY projects to update your home over the weekend | Ideal Home Cut it prpject to size and hem the Free party supplies, then create a Free DIY project samples at the top Projeect thread samppes a Sample trials curtain rail or a tension rod through like this one from Dunelm. Fee your tools and materials and start building your dream projects. But before you start thinking about how to sell your DIY crafts, take a few minutes to think through the packaging. How to Make a Fleece Tie Blanket. SHOP LETTER BEADS Get the tutorial at Studio DIY ». I made a glossy white melamine dresser look like weathered driftwood with just DIY chalk paint and a DIY glaze!
Plan Your DIY Projects with a FREE printable Project Idea Journal - Silo & Sage

Start viewing, downloading and building your next Real Cedar masterpiece today. Sign up now for our DIY Project Newsletter.

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outdoor home. outdoor gallery. diy plans. pre-built kits. design tips. fence construction. fence specifications. pre-built fence panels. indoor home.

indoor gallery. Simple Little Gifts for Spreading Kindness I recently had lunch with a close friend and we found ourselves talking about and our hopes for it. My friend shared that Add to Wishlist.

My candles, wax melts, lotions, and soaps smell of something sweet mixed with a touch of spice. I recently spent a cozy day at home and felt the I would also quickly get My siblings always counted down the days until we would go Three Ways With Chamomile: Projects by Johanna Love I have been photographing bath and body products for almost 30 years, and more recently making my own simple products while photographing for Willow and Sage magazine.

Working on this latest issue of Willow and Sage really hit the inspiration mark for me I was recently sorting through the basket that holds all my DIY Eucalyptus Bath Salts When it comes to rest and relaxation, there is no scent that calms my mind quite like eucalyptus. With just one deep inhale I can feel my worries start to melt away.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to go to the corner market and purchase one of their beautiful bouquets filled with various Like many supplies and materials I purchase, I set My first attempt was creating a dye using avocado pits, and when I discovered the Jars of Goodness Mixed-Media Project.

Little Reminders Journal Page Project After seeing the Tiny Text Stamp Set and being charmed by all the thoughtful, inspiring sentiments, I knew I wanted to use them to create an encouraging and uplifting art journal page. Like many of you, I tend to hold on to just about every scrap of Festive, Homemade Greeting Cards in 10 Minutes or Less I think most crafters and artists set goals to make more things by hand for the holidays.

I know I do. However, due to the busyness of the season, I never seem to meet that goal. The things I hope to make are usually way too time-consuming, especially Scrappy Gift Tags Project I just adore making tags. They are very inexpensive, so I always have a variety of them on hand, and they stand up to many different mediums.

Their relatively small size also means I can make them fairly quickly, providing that instant It was something I A Caffeinated Candle Collection Project One of my favorite feelings in the world is curling up on my sofa in the early morning and sipping a hot cup of coffee while I have several candles burning.

The Gift of a Green Thumb: Wildflower Seed Packets It seems everyone is trying their hand at growing plants, herbs, and flowers these days. Who can blame them? A Black-and-White Card Bundle Like most crafters, I find it nearly impossible to purchase cards and stationery from the store.

Whenever I get the urge to do something creative, I tend to make batches of From the Bin Recycled Gift Wrap Project 1 Growing up, I used to roll my eyes at my grandma when it came time to open gifts on our birthdays or Christmas.

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Be realistic about your timeline. In my mind, everything can be completed as quickly as an episode of HGTV. Unexpected things may happen. Deadlines may be delayed. You may have to change your decorative direction on a dime. You may fall in love with a something that blows your budget on the first day.

You may simply change your mind. The best thing you can do is to communicate any changes that come up as clearly and as soon as possible.

Take your time, give yourself grace and work to create a home you can be truly proud of. It will always be worth the effort spent nurturing your home and family. As always, you can see more of life behind the blog on Facebook , Pinterest and Instagram.

When the bottom fell out during Quarter 2, it felt like a big struggle to get back up. We did it though and are so much better for it! Here are the things that helped us most…. I want to share with you how to easily stencil a pillow cover. I stenciled them last week so I could use them in the breakfast nook.

But once I picked it up from her, it all made perfect sense. Several years ago, I finally took the plunge and painted our wicker furniture. The 90 day calendar system that gives you a big-picture view of your priorities and allows you to schedule your time in a more impactful way….

Hey CoCo — great ideas and fantastic list of tips. Thanks for creating this printable to keep us on track! Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Making your own DIY products often means purchasing materials on a regular basis. To keep production running smoothly, connect your Ecwid store to manufacturing software such as Katana. It automatically tells you if you have enough raw materials in stock to start production, when it is time to order more, and what and how much you need to stock up on.

Learn more about Katana integration for Ecwid , or connect it to your store using these instructions. To give your coaster business a leg-up, add customization for special occasions, like birthdays, weddings, or corporate parties.

Cute, sustainable coasters made from scraps of fabric Image: sharonhollanddesigns. Tutorial: DIY Resin Beach Coasters. Not sure how to make a headband? No problem. Tutorial: Upcycled No-Sew Knotted T-Shirt Headband. Because we carry these expensive pieces of tech with us wherever we go, it makes sense that people are willing to invest in a decent carrying case or accessory to keep it safe.

With a willingness to learn a bit of sewing, you can create cases for electronics that are both stylish and useful for a huge market of consumers. Kindle cover by LullabyCraftsWorld. In a climate where boring plastic boxes are everywhere, the “rougher,” the better… or at least more unusual, natural, and authentic.

Tutorial: Make your own leather iPad case. Ceramics may seem like a sophisticated art form, but you can start by making a simple bowl.

You will not necessarily need a wheel and expensive equipment for firing your DIY products; consider beginning with just your hands and home oven instead. Again, many consumers interpret this rough look as authentic and interesting compared to the flawless bowls spun perfectly with centrifugal force.

By using acrylic paint, glitter, or even nail polish, you can turn your ceramic DIY crafts into a piece of art. It can be really effortless — watch the video to see how. By sharing your quirky or lovely creations or by making personalized wall decor, you allow consumers to decorate their homes with pieces that are distinctly “them.

Wall decor by StoreByRebecca. Tutorial: Custom string art wall decor. Add a little personal touch to the places where people spend the most time, like their cars. Car freshies offer a distinctive scent that sets them apart from other air fresheners on the market — allowing you to offer customers a one-of-a-kind aroma for their car.

To make these cute DIY products, you will need some aroma beads, essential oils, molds, pigments, and string. Car freshie by Smell Ya Later Freshie. They may require a bit more specialized knowledge or materials, but the end result is worth it.

The possibilities with 3D printing are endless. You can create custom jewelry and accessories, figurines and collectibles, or even unique home decor items. While investing in a 3D printer may be more expensive, some craft ideas can help you make your margins higher.

Go for smaller items like keychains, jewelry, magnets, etc. Dreads come back in fashion every now and again. Why not offer some lovely dread options? Braid extension by 27HairTreasures. But before you start thinking about how to sell your DIY crafts, take a few minutes to think through the packaging.

Milk bath packaging should be waterproof for obvious reasons and stylish enough to communicate the experience. If you use simple mason jars, decorate them with labels or ribbons.

The fancier your packaging, the more likely your DIY products are to be purchased as gifts. But they should. A fairly niche DIY product, cat tents are simple to make, need only a handful of materials, and require little to no special skills.

Tutorial: DIY Cat Bed. Personalized throw pillows allow shoppers and gift buyers to express their pride and identity. Resin jewelry is simple to make, and a starter kit is relatively inexpensive.

With a bit of patience and an eye for design, you can create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces to sell online. Plus, using clear resin, you can even offer photo-based jewelry creations that allow your customers to turn a favorite image into a treasured piece of jewelry.

Resin jewelry by Shirley Yunjing Chen. Tutorial: How to make resin jewelry. By creating DIY crafts like toys for children of different ages, you can share your creations with little ones who will love your DIY products for years to come.

With some cloth, paint, and stuffing, you can become the next master toymaker. Soft toy blocks by SewMuchInCommon.

Tutorial: Create a DIY dollhouse pillow. If the textures and grains of wood have always intrigued you, the rustic home decor niche could be for you. Since the goal is to keep natural objects in their original forms and hues as much as possible, beginners find making modifications and simple upgrades simple.

Another advantage to this crafty path is that you can discover many of your raw materials at the junkyard or thrift store. Read her story to learn a lot of helpful insights about the home decor industry.

If you can source a good cloth or yarn supplier, selling blankets can make you a lot of money. Discover the countless ways to create a cozy blanket beyond just crocheting.

Check out this video tutorial for an inspiring example. A brilliant way to enter the DIY market is to create DIY kits. This allows you to offer your customers a unique experience and, depending on your kit, a fully customizable finished product that they can be proud of.

You could create DIY makeup or soap-making kits, painting or pottery sets, jewelry-making supplies, or car freshie kits. Think about your target audience and what kinds of DIY activities they may be interested in trying out.

Candle making kit by FlorenceandCoStudio. Customized products can make great gift options. You can use embroidery, engraving, or printing techniques to add names, monograms, or personal messages to various items such as mugs, bookmarks, phone cases, tote bags, and more.

Personalized DIY products can help your business stand out from other craft projects. Print-on-demand services like Printful make it easy to sell personalized apparel, accessories, or home decor.

Learn more: Print-on-Demand Explained: How to Sell Custom Products without Breaking the Bank. Selling your DIY crafts online gives you access to a global market of potential customers. Choose one or multiple platforms that align with your brand and target audience, and use social media to promote your products and drive traffic to your online store.

But where exactly should you be selling your creations? Here are some popular options for reaching potential customers:. Selling on your own website has a great advantage: you have full control over your branding, customer experience, and profits.

Plus, with the right ecommerce platform like Ecwid by Lightspeed, setting up an online store is easy and affordable. Create an online store using Ecwid for free and customize it to reflect your brand and showcase your DIY products.

Choose from dozens of free website templates. You can also sell your DIY products on popular online marketplaces focused on handmade or designed products.

Here are some common options:. By the way, if you decide to create your website with Ecwid, you can easily integrate your Ecwid store with eBay, Amazon, and some other marketplaces. Use social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest to share photos and videos of your DIY products and reach potential customers.

You can also use these platforms to interact with your audience, build a following, and drive traffic to your website. To make selling DIY products on social media easier, use a link-in-bio tool, such as Linkup. It allows you to create a mobile-friendly page with links to all of your social profiles, content, and, most importantly, products.

This way, potential customers can easily buy your DIY products right from your social media page. Set up a booth at local markets and craft fairs to reach customers in person.

This is a great way to get immediate feedback on your products and build a local following. Markets and fairs also offer great opportunities to network with other small business owners and potentially collaborate on future craft projects or events.

Free DIY project samples

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