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Exercise gear giveaways

Exercise gear giveaways

Exercse can be sent via email to [email protected]. Exercisr forget to Exercise gear giveaways your tax exempt number Free sample deals online your order, or give it to your rep after you order, so we charge you accurately. Free Artwork and Art Proof! Need help with a purchase requisition? The Thank You page is another pre-made template that can be fully customized.


10 Exercises You Can't Do With Weights + GIVEAWAY!

Exercise gear giveaways -

Basecamp® Rapids Waterproof Wireless Speaker. Egmont Packable Jacket. Pedometer Activity Tracker. On-The-Go Waist Pack. LED Arm Band. Core® Adult Pitch Performance Cap. Jerzees® Adult 7. Quarter Zip Performance Top. Cork Yoga Mat.

Taurus Eco Fanny Pack. Recycled PET Center Court Duffel. Chill'n Cooling Towel. Exercise Stretch Band. Moleskine® Passion Journal - Wellness. Why is employee fitness important and why should a company invest in fitness giveaways?

Employee fitness can help associates physically but also mentally. By promoting health and wellness you are encouraging a healthier lifestyle, which should in turn result in fewer medical claims.

What are the ways to create a fitness culture and how can you promote fitness at work? The Crestline Health and Wellness Team offers contests throughout the year, which typically involve physical exercise or making healthy food choices. We have a wellness Facebook group for employees to share tips and successes.

So, something like a gym membership or a step counter will attract those people who are into keeping fit. Those people that are not will most likely pass.

And not couch potatoes! Just kidding. This is a common yet excellent prize for any fitness giveaway. A gym membership will mostly attract people that are interested in going to the gym. If these people are your target audience, you should consider a month free gym access as your giveaway prize.

This will allow you to get maximum exposure for your giveaway as you will now have help in marketing your giveaway. A home gym giveaway is an excellent giveaway. Prizes for that giveaway included a multifunction workout bench, dumbbells and barbells, and supplements.

Click here to learn more. Workout Supplements are always a good choice for fitness giveaways. They include protein shakes and bars, meal replacement shakes, and even meal plans.

Workout Supplements are not that expensive. However, average consumers do feel the pinch when purchasing a large bottle of protein powder. This makes supplements an enticing giveaway prize for gym-goers. Their low price will allow you to run fitness giveaways more often. You may not generate a lot of leads with this campaign.

However, consistently hosting this kind of campaign will ensure a steady flow of leads. Read the full post on evergreen contests here. This prize might seem a bit unconventional. However, more people are beginning to enjoy working out to their own personal music collection.

Music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music allow you to stream any song from their massive libraries of music. These services also allow you to download your favorite tunes to listen offline. This is ideal if you want to listen to your own uninterrupted music in the gym.

You can put up a few Spotify gift cards as your giveaway prize. TWS earbuds are those fancy and expensive headphones that everyone in the tech world is raving about. These sports headphones can be a great addition to a fitness giveaway prize bundle. Their high price will make for an attractive prize that will bring in tons of leads.

However, it would be best if you tried not to host a giveaway with TWS earbuds as the sole prize. Such a giveaway will attract a broad audience that might not have any interest in your brand.

Smartwatches, step counters, heart rate monitors, etc. These are excellent fitness giveaway prizes. So hosting a fitness giveaway that has a Garmin Forerunner as the prize will mostly attract people that are into fitness. Like runners. Sure, the general public can appreciate a good smartwatch.

But only true fitness enthusiasts can appreciate a Polar, Garmin, or Fitbit wearable. Looking for giveaway prize ideas? We wrote an article that is filled with great examples of giveaway prizes and tips for choosing your next prize.

Read the full post here. Lifestyle Fitness hosted a simple, cost-effective giveaway. The giveaway prize was basic gym essentials like a set of headphones and a water bottle.

This is in no way an elaborate giveaway. However, the cost-effectiveness of the prizes will allow the gym to run these giveaways regularly. Hosting a giveaway like this once a month or once every two months is an excellent way of consistently creating hype around your gym.

The giveaway was hosted on their website and promoted on Facebook. This allowed ClubFitWear to drive social media users to their website. Key Takeaway — Using an enticing product in a giveaway to drive traffic back to a website.

The Pundits is an online sports magazine. They hosted a giveaway in celebration of reaching followers on Twitter. The giveaway was hosted on their website, the home of their online magazine.

This meant that users had to visit their website to enter, hence boosting website traffic. The giveaway also had additional entry requirements. Users were asked to follow The Pundits on social media and share the giveaway content on their social media profiles.

Therefore, partnering with Puma to put up running sneakers as the prize was an excellent idea. Also, these sneakers are stylish enough to wear with casual clothing.

This will make room for a larger audience. Key Takeaway — Requesting entrants to download and share the giveaway post on their socials is an excellent way to get users to promote your giveaway for you. Totalsports hosted a giveaway on Instagram that featured the new Fitbit Charge 4 as the grand prize.

Key Takeaway — This giveaway is an excellent example of using trendy fitness trackers to promote your store. The entry method is well designed to achieve multiple goals, like increasing followers, engagement, and reach. With VYPER, you can create a stand-alone fitness giveaway landing page. Or you can simply embed a form or popup widget to your website.

The template pictured above has all the text and elements already in place. Your next step would be to edit the text. They are also a great giveaway for fitness events such as marathons. Did we mention the logo placement on the handle? Bottles, cups, and mugs are classic giveaways for any industry because they are inexpensive, easy to brand, long-lasting, and appreciated by consumers.

This oz. sports bottle is a sought-after promotional product recommended for big company events, marathons, and any mass giveaways in the fitness industry. They come in a large selection of colors and are BPA-free of course.

Target consumers with an active lifestyle by offering this useful giveaway. Go big or go home with this fitness tracker wristband. It tracks sleep, has a silent alarm function, a built-in pedometer, and more. These come in a variety of colors and are recommended for big contest giveaways as a prize winner.

They are an excellent way to collect surveys and feedback from your target audience on what they think about your business and where you can improve. This cooling towel comes in a plastic case that will have your company message or logo stamped right on it. This inexpensive giveaway is highly valued among runners, triathletes, crossfitters, and any endurance performers.

Give them out at big events to one up your competition. Representing your brand with the best sporting goods is a great way to grow awareness, stand out, and create stronger consumer loyalty. This EVA Hollow Foam Roller is sturdy, unique, bright, and colorful.

These are extremely useful for any athlete and highly valued.

Exdrcise and fitness is a Exercise gear giveaways industry Ecercise has become highly competitive. So, in one givraways the most Exercise gear giveaways Discounted ready-to-eat meals, how do goveaways get noticed? How do you stand out above the rest? Why are some brands loved and others unknown? We put together 7 excellent Fitness Giveaway Ideas that will hopefully inspire your next giveaway. Host a gym giveaway to increase signups to your gym—an excellent strategy for new gyms looking to build its members early on. Exercise gear giveaways

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