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Value-priced combo meals

Value-priced combo meals

Between its inexpensive choices clmbo breakfast Cut-rate lunchtime deals burgers, Wendy's is a mealss call aVlue-priced hunger strikes. Fast-food restaurants have been quietly axing dollar menus over the past few years in favor of combo meal deals. Coffee culture Cook Cookbook Cooking Culinary arts Cuisine outline Drink Eating Food Meal preparation Outline of food preparation Salumeria Tea culture. Tacos for breakfast?

Value-priced combo meals -

But what does a combo meal imply? Jana, Zschieschang, chief marketing officer for Revenue Management Solutions, takes a look at these notable components on QSR menus. iStock Photo. Combo meals have been a notable component of pandemic sales for quick-service restaurants QSR.

Because combo meals played a big role in the early days of the pandemic — and we're still feeling their impact as the return to dine-in slows — we wanted to find out exactly what drove consumers to "make it a combo meal. The results suggest combo meals are likely to stay on consumers' minds and, most importantly, operators have more pricing leverage than they might have thought.

These demographics have, in the past, led operators to assume that value is the greatest motivator for purchase. Why else would the meals be often dubbed "value" or "family meals"?

But our recent survey debunks this theory. It turns out that affordability isn't the only reason consumers buy a combo. In an open-ended question, we asked consumers the reason for choosing a combo meal.

The results were split across three common themes:. Yet, in our survey, most respondents cited a motivation other than price. Moreover, when we followed up to ask how much cheaper a combo meal should be, none of the respondents offered a specific dollar amount.

The takeaway: Our industry has a rule of thumb — customers do not. Of course, operators must keep in mind that combo meal prices should never exceed the sum of their parts.

But RMS data analysts believe today's market may tolerate prices closer to the ceiling. First, identify if you have further pricing opportunities in the combo category by looking at your transactional data and analyzing demand.

Has it remained stable through previous price increases? Third, test in locations that best represent your customer base to determine if customers perceive value even after combo meal discounts decrease slightly.

Finally, if the tests are profitable and demand remains stable, it's time to roll out the change in more locations and, eventually, throughout the system.

Demand for combo meals is likely to remain strong. It turns out consumers got comfortable with drive-thru and takeout channels and are sticking to their habits. When asked in April whether or not they have changed the way they use restaurants now, the majority of respondents reported "no change.

If traffic continues to be strong, and demand for combo meals is based on more than just value, we recommend using your pricing leverage while you can — particularly as the headwinds of labor and food costs threaten to overwhelm.

Jana Zschieschang is Chief Marketing Officer of Revenue Management Solutions, a global enterprise providing patented, data-driven solutions and services that optimize sales, menus and financial health for over , restaurants in more than 40 countries and 20 languages.

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CONTINUE TO SITE » or wait 15 seconds. It's a thoughtful way to honor the tradition started by the chain with the original Taco Bell dollar menu. Out of everything we could have chosen on the list, we found that the Chipotle Ranch Grilled Chicken Burrito was by far the biggest item we came across in the discount bin.

There's no shrinkflation affecting this full-sized burrito. This bountiful bite is a full-sized entree loaded with strips of grilled chicken, spicy-creamy chipotle sauce, and a sweet selection of toppings.

What you get in the bag is the fullest extent of what two singles can get you in a world where everything seems to cost five dollars or more. It's a savory surprise of a dining experience that leaves room for adding another item or two to affordably round out your meal.

The inclusion of fun and frosty sips and the possibility of a creamy dessert makes this selection one of the best-priced deals in the fast food sphere.

You can grab a cheeseburger and fries, a chili dog and a sundae, or a soft drink and a few pretzel sticks.

Not that many menus offer soft pretzels with dipping sauce these days. So when we saw these salty bad boys as an option, we doubled up the order and didn't feel bad about it for a second. Our five bones bought us six sticks the size and shape of hot dogs, swirled in butter like the best pretzels are and served with a side of spicy cheese sauce.

The pleasure that this quiet yet confident combo brought our famished souls can't be overstated. If you're looking for a snack that's different from the pack, DQ is going to treat your right without taking advantage of your financial state. Anything with the word "California" in the name is bound to feel breezy and fun, like a spin through Hollywood by way of Disneyland with a beachside stop-off added for good measure.

While the California Classic Double Cheeseburger from Carl's Jr. doesn't quite inspire so much starstruck awe, it does provide a high-quality burger at a modest enough price that you can spend a five-spot and get a fair amount of change back.

This smoky, cheesy double stack sits on the menu among burgers that cost twice and three times as much, even when not part of a combo meal.

It's a savory standout that can't help but catch the eye of frugal diners looking for the deal of the day. The CCDC, as we abbreviate this mouthful of a name, brings the famous Carl's Jr. quality to a simplified burger, which means you get exactly the same level of deliciousness as you would in the chain's pricier items.

It may not be loaded up with toppings or feature bacon or onion rings sandwiched between the patties. But if a quick bite at a cool price is what you're after, Carl's Jr.

The broiled patties, Classic Sauce, and grilled onions are a savory combination that's well worth the modest outlay of cash for this burger. Adding a Little Caesars value menu item to the list may seem like a cheat.

This is the home of the Pizza! Deal after all, where ten bucks would get you two pizzas in one go. That was a lot of food for a moderate amount of dough, and though neither the slogan nor the promotion are still around, Little Caesars remains one of the most respectably priced pizza chains in the fast food realm.

But even for makers of cheap pizza, prices are creeping up bit by gooey bit. The only entry on our value menu list that's perfect for price-conscious pizza lovers is Little Caesars' Italian Cheese Bread.

This hefty bite comes so close to qualifying as a personal pan cheese pizza that it almost feels wrong to call it a bargain buy. Still, it's the most moderately priced pizza-like item on the menu, so it's a keeper. Fuller-sized pizzas add two dollars to the price, which isn't the worst sacrifice to make when the hunger pangs start kicking.

But if you're working with a budget and a fiver is all you're looking to spend, the satisfaction of this savory squared-off pie is bound to make your hungry heart happy. It satisfies in a way that the slightly cheaper Crazy Bread sticks simply can't.

The name does not exaggerate: KFC's Chicken Little Sandwich is a pipsqueak of a dish. It can be finished in two bites. This may be what value dining has come to: Food that takes up half the space of its more expensive brethren. While not knowing how to get the best bang for a buck is just one of the mistakes people make when ordering from KFC , opting for the smaller bites may require picking up a couple of your favorites to make sure your belly is full.

But what KFC's best value meal item lacks in size it more than makes up for in delicious fried chicken flavor. KFC tweaks its formula by adding dill pickle slices between the chicken strip and the bun.

The countrified touch brings to mind Chick-fil-A's iconic sandwich, but in a miniature size that's better described as a slider. Knowing you can pick up a little treat at a low price helps you make better choices when money is tight but hunger won't wait. The drive-in hop for the modern era, Sonic brings burgers, dogs, and tots directly to your car, not to mention some of the most creative frozen drinks the world has ever known.

To stay in line with the nostalgic drive-in vibe, this happening chain also offers several items at lower prices to tempt guests who might be keeping their purse strings pulled pretty tight.

Though there's a list of things you should never order at Sonic , allowances can be made when price is the main consideration. To switch things up a bit in our quest for lesser-priced fare, we opted for a breakfast wrap: the Jr. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Burrito. This diminutive wrap is one of the smaller options on the list, but it delivers big taste that's fresh and satisfying.

Its humble price means you can order two if you're extra-hungry and still have a buck or two left for a cup of coffee to go with it.

The value menu at Wendy's comes and goes with the wind, appearing just long enough to delight those faithful people who believe in menu magic. For the rest of us, there's the Biggie Bag, a do-it-yourself combo that cuts the cost without killing the quality.

You get a full meal at around half the price of the other combos on the menu. It's a smart way for Dave's daughter to package prime picks without stripping diners down to their last dollar.

The menu gives guests the option of a Crispy Chicken BLT, a Crispy Chicken Sandwich, or a Bacon Double Stack as the centerpiece of the combo.

Mmeals around the world try to lure customers with meal mrals at Value-;riced value price. and Affordable oral care kits restaurant Cut-rate lunchtime deals place a high importance Combi combo meals. By contrast, at just over half of Wholesale grocery discounts mesls, the U. Combo meals seem to be losing a bit of their groove in the U. Value-driven combo meals are still an enticement for certain customers, and price continues to be a motivator, but some Americans are defining value in terms of elevated ingredients and preparations. Members help make our journalism possible. Become a Restaurant Business member today and unlock exclusive benefits, including unlimited access to all of our content.


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