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Everything You Should Know About Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

The government of Canada rolled out the spousal sponsorship program to ensure that spouses live together. If you are a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident; then you can sponsor someone you are in a relationship with so that they can get a permanent residence. In Canada, several people can get into Canada because of this program.

For this program to be successful, various factors will have to be considered. You are required to be more than 18 years old for you to sponsor someone into Canada. You should be a citizen of Canada or be a permanent resident. If you are a permanent resident; then you are required to be living in Canada at the time of application. You shall be required in the application process to prove that you will be able to offer the basic requirement to your spouse and children. You should not be bankrupt at the time of application.

Just because you were married to a Canadian does not mean that you will get the permanent residence automatically. If you have been recently married, the first step is always to apply for a temporary visitor visa. For you to successfully qualify for the sponsorship, you are required to prove that you are married to the person. If you are not married, then you will have to prove that you have had a severe relationship to twelve months. Phone and email records, pictures of honeymoon, and testimony of relationship are some of the ways that you can prove that you have been in a relationship with someone.

In this program, you will be first needed to apply as a sponsor. The the person that you are sponsoring shall be required to apply for permanent residence. You will be needed to checklist your details and the partner you are sponsoring in a form that you shall be provided. It is a must that you provide biometric data. When you are filling the form, ensure that you follow the instructions that you are provided; from there you will pay the application fee. Medical the examination is necessary for the process. Lastly, a certificate of good conduct shall be needed.

The average processing time of sponsoring the spouse Canada is approximately one year. The time will depend on various circumstances and therefore it can be as short as eight months and as long as three years.

In some situations, the application may fail because of various things. People who have defaulted immigration loan or bond, cannot sponsor someone. If you are insolvent; you will not qualify. The application of a person is going to be turned if they have sexually harassed someone, involved in violent crimes, and caused bodily harm to one of their relatives. If you have sponsored a spouse and you are yet to receive a decision, then you cannot be someone else.

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